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Thursday 19th December

So on Christmas break from the course at Warwick. Have put up another couple of originals onto my SoundCloud (both found in Solo Projects), called Took My Breath Away and Friendships Are Fleeting. Also had some fun recently collaborating with fellow student Sarah Ribbands on another medical parody song found on her soundcloud here .

Friday 22nd November

Uploaded another original track to Soundcloud, about the last day I spent in Liverpool after 7 great years there!

Thursday 7th November

Medical Parody group Columns of Morgagni records 2nd track about patient histories, a bit of casual educational hip-hop

Saturday 27th October

Medical Parody group Columns of Morgagni begins! First track recorded - "Inguinal Canal". Hear it on the Medical Parodies page

Saturday 20th October

In record time (still quite slow!) I've managed to record another original track, "Photos That You Took", which is on the Solo Work section of the website. Featuring good friend Jessie Main on BVs.

Saturday 5th October

Have uploaded an original track I've been working on, "More Than A Friend", to the Solo Work section of the website. Good to have a track up at last!

Friday 14th September

Had a blast at an acoustic version of original piece City of Silhouettes with Jessie Main, here are the results:

Wednesday 12th September

Well a lot has happened in the last few months. Goodbye to Liverpool and hello to Coventry. Some great memories from the last few years. Thanks to all who made it so.

Monday 29th April

Thanks to Steph for taking this video at Groove On The Green of Spread The Jam playing a Bond Medley. Check it out:

Saturday 27th April

So in a first foray into recording and posting video, I had a go at the Game Of Thrones theme tune. Such a fantastic show, and an unbelievable score! My rendition certainly isn't as polished as some of those out there, but hopefully you might enjoy it.

Sunday 24th March

And so the website begins. From what I gather, blogs usually start by typing something along the lines of "I'm not sure what to put in these things." And then onto the general rambling. I get the feeling that when rambling in person, any topic is fine. A daily declaration of the merits of porridge, cranberries and honey is well worth subjecting my housemates to, but perhaps not so entertaining in print. So what is worth writing down? Well I was shot in the eye with a nerf gun. Fortunately I have eyelids of steel, so am not in A&E. Assuming I survive the trauma from the incident, I'll write another post in the future (and from what I gather from other blogs, these are to be gradually less and less frequent, until the blog falls into a state of disrepair and digital cobwebs).

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